When I moved to Milford with my senior dog,  Daniel and my adventurous kitty Charly, I new my new home would be pet friendly.   It took me almost two years to become an official Pet Friendly Inn.   Five years later my energetic dog, Spencer, curious new kitty, Nicodemus and I enjoy greeting guests and their pets.   This weekend my guests brought their dog Snuffy along for a stay at Harrington House.  They were great guests and both family and canine companion got to explore Milford and the surrounding area.  It’s a real win-win to have a pet friendly inn.   My guests get to travel with their favorite canine companion and my dog Spencer gets to meet new friends both two-legged and four legged!     I invite you to review our Pet Friendly policy on our website.  Click on Gallery and review our pet photos under Pet Friends.  Spencer loved accompanying a human friend on a trip to Hackers Falls last summer!

Spencer and Kat