Reflections on Golf Posted August 1, 2013


Golf - Harrington House MilfordEvery Innkeeper will tell you that having a non-Inn related outlet is an absolute necessity for sanity.  July has been busy, busy, busy and while that is really a good thing, all work and no play make Adriane a dull girl.  So I’ve been working on my golf game in between breakfast and the laundry.

It has been a outstanding season for golf. Except for that minor heatwave 2 weeks ago, the weather has been perfect and the courses around here are all in great shape.  I even managed to drag my son out for 18 when he was here, during the aforementioned heatwave.  96 degrees was a little warm but we still had fun.  The results of all this practice are beginning to bear fruit as this week I  broke 100 for  the 2nd time in my career.  I was trying for a comeback this morning but our outing got cut short due to a downpour. There is always tomorrow.

I am somewhat surprised I don’t get more guests looking for a game as we have many good courses all within a 30 minute drive.  I guess that is something I have to work on…Anyone want to join me for a round?