Summer is half over? Posted August 5, 2013


When I look out my windows at my garden, I suddenly realize that summer is half gone.  You can always tell when the bee balm is fading and the blackeyed susies are in full bloom.  My roses look great butRose Garden my stunning hydrangas are starting to droop.   The fall blooming sedum is all budded up and ready to burst.  Of course there are tomatoes ripening as well as weeds from hell, but not to worry.  There is always tomorrow for that.

So where did the time go?  Camp visiting weekends have come and gone, but the river beckons and the falls are tumbling.  We are enjoying the normal temperatures with a rainy day every so often to keep it green.  Time to start planning for fall events in town like SeptemberFest on the 15th and the Black Bear Film Festival in October.  And let’s not forget the leaves.  It ought to be a great fall season.