Great hike! Posted April 12, 2015


When we went to the golf course yesterday to check out the greens, the real reason was to try out a new version of our daily hike.  Spencer has lots of energy and needs to run.  And he’s terrible on a leash.  So we typically head to the woods where he can do his thing, I still get my cardio and everyone is happy.  Spencer at Hackers Falls

Just 2 weeks ago we went over to Cliff Park to get up to the Cliff Trail from the 2nd fairway.  A little less steep than on the river side of the ridge.  Well, I still have the bruised hip bone to show for that adventure in the ice and snow.  What a difference 2 weeks makes!

Hackers Falls

Once to the top we hung a right for a change and went all the way to Raymondskill Falls and then back around to our favorite spot at Hackers Falls, where the water was really running, popping out once again at Cliff Park but this time behind the 6th green.  5 miles and no on got lost.  What a great day to be alive!