Hike Pike

View the Delaware from Cliff Hike trail

Hike the Cliff Trail overlooking the Delaware

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable recreations in Pike County because there are so many trails on public lands, most prominently, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA), Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania’s Delaware State Forest and state game lands.

Hikers enjoy the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area during all months of the year; every season offers a special reward. During winter, the absence of deciduous leaves opens new vistas along trails and reveals stone walls, foundations, and other reminders of past residents. Spring provides a weekly parade of wildflowers and flowering trees. In summer, hikers can seek out cool retreats among the hemlock forests follow rolling streams to beautify falls and cascades. Autumn hikers have crisp air to sharpen the senses and a varied palette of fall colors to enjoy.  Closest to Harrington House are the Cliff Trails that take you to Milford Knob, Raymondskill Falls and Hackers Falls.

 Promised Land State Park and the surrounding Delaware State Forest also has over 50 miles of trails and is just a 20 ride from Milford.Splendid opportunities exist for nature study, relaxation and exploration. Hike Bruce Lake Trail to a natural glacial lake, see the small waterfalls along Little Falls Trail or walk a loop around Conservation Island. A self-guided trail guide to Conservation Island can be obtained at the park office.

The trails lead through areas rich in historic and scenic interest. This is especially true from mid-May until mid-June when the native mountain laurel and rhododendron are in bloom. Lowbush and highbush blueberries usually ripen in late July. Fall foliage usually peaks in early October.

 The  “Hike Pike!” a guide with maps and descriptions, including a listing of nearby lodging and food amenities and is available for reference at the Inn.

            There is plenty here for everyone, the individual hiker, the hiking family and the advanced hiker.

                        NOW, HIKE PIKE! … AND ENJOY!

Hike to Hackers Falls

Spencer at Hacker Falls