Welcome to Nicodemus!

DSCN0864So Spencer and I decided we really needed to expand the Harrington House family.  Meet Nicodemus.  He’s quite a guy keeping both Spencer and I on our toes.  Has not quite figured out what goes on upstairs although he clearly understands that is not his space and he appears to have all the characteristics of a purrfectly great Inn cat.

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  1. Barbara and Barry Fayne
    2 years ago

    We can’t wait to meet Nicodemus when we visit in July. See you then.


  2. Alice Miller
    1 year ago

    uh oh I am soooo allergic to cats!! This news is troubling . . . .


    • Adriane
      1 year ago

      Alice: I’m terribly sorry! I have always had a cat although it’s possible you were here after Charly, the orange tabby died. Nicodemus does not have the run of the house thanks to the electric fence, and is never in the living room or upstairs. I hope this doesn’t mean I will never see you again. Adriane


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