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Day: November 30, 2018

And Then Comes Christmas

I just put up my tree and started dragging all the Christmas decorations out of the basement and attic which is happy stuff but there is a piece of me that is very sad when I see this image.  My friend took this photo a couple of years ago and I am so thankful.  Last year the cat got caught in something that he dragged through the living room on his tail.  It caused quite a ruckus and this snow globe crashed to a million pieces.  It was 30 years old, bought for me by my husband at the time.  We liked to think it was Christopher hiding behind our living room chair waiting for Santa.  Christopher is now an adult, living a distance from here and the chair is in the Rose Room.  The snow globe is memorialized in this photograph.  It won’t be in it normal place  on the marble top table in the Harrington House living room, but I will imagine it there.  The little boy, the chair and Santa will be on the kitchen mantle so the memories are still there.  Happy Holidays to one and all.

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