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Pet friendly get aways

Pet Friendly Getaway

At this time of year I hope you are planning a spring or summer getaway and thinking about what to do with Fido.  A pet friendly getaway is just the ticket.

Sometimes while watching the morning news I have to distract myself  from politics with  Facebook.  We are definitely obsessed with our pets.  I can waste a good deal of time reading heart-wrenching stories and watching funny videos. Obviously others are just as distracted and obsessed or there would not be so many.  A friend from high school has two Golden Retrievers. She raised a litter of their puppies last year and I watched the whole thing.  From just after birth to adoption, they were entirely documented.  Today a memory popped up of my other dog, Daniel, 6 years gone, basking in the sun on the back stoop.  Definitely Facebook material.

Spencer and Nicodemus

These two are almost as well documented as my son.  Spencer is much more fun and an integral part of the Harrington House experience.  Nicodemus is just trying to ignore him.  More on the cat at some later time.  I have a million pictures and every Harrington House guest goes home with at least one.   He goes on hikes–with anyone.  And is always the first to greet you coming in or the last to say goodbye as you leave.Spencer the happy dog

Every holiday, our local pet store, Milford Pet Supply, has a photographer friend come and take pictures with whoever is the holiday icon.  Saturday was the Easter Bunny (owner’s husband–I think he has lots of costumes).  For $5 you got your photo and the proceeds go to a charity.  In this case, GAIT Thereputic Riding Center.  Their shop cat, Wiley, just watches all the dumb dogs come and go.  I for one would love to read his mind. Meanwhile, I hope you like Spencer and the Easter Bunny.

Getting Away

So with our dog obsession, it can be hard to get away.  Sometimes finding a pet-sitter can be difficult.  Then you have to actually leave them looking at you with sad eyes.  So you decide to take them along.  Great idea.  Finding a dog friendly Bed and Breakfast can be a challenge.  Finding one in Milford, however, is a cinch.

Pet Friendly Towns

If you come to Milford, you can hike, shop, eat and stay with your 4 legged friends.  You may even meet some of Spencer’s buddies, Alfie at the Hotel Fauchere or Tamale at the Columns Museum.  Well-behaved dogs are welcome just about everywhere.  You should familiarize yourself with pet policies , if available.  Leashes and poop bags are a must, but you will find water dishes everywhere.  Have you made your reservation yet?

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